Excursion travel in Russia – it is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the time and to get a lot of positive emotions!
The beauty of the tour in Russia will enrich your inner world and bring you a lot of unforgettable impressions. In Russia there are a lot of possibilities – excursion tours, active rest, ecological and adventure tours.

Travel agency ”Slavin Kompaniet” is eager to offer you interesting and gripping excursion and traditional tours in Russia. We offer you to make a sharp turn in your life and to make your life more colorful, full of positive emotions and intellectual wealth.

The goal of our traditional tours in Russia is to help our foreign guests to learn about cultural and historic sights of our powerful country.
You will be able to see with your own eyes the beauty of historic places and all the treasures of Russia and to feel the unity with this wonderful country that is a motherland of outstanding Russian poets, writers, scientists, musicians!

Our tourist company has a lot to offer. It is tours in Russia, tours in Moscow, Tours in Saint Petersburg. We can offer excursion travel in Russia, travel in Moscow, travel in St. Petersburg, Travel Moscow-St. Petersburg, Travel Saint Petersburg – Moscow. The tour of Moscow includes excursions in Moscow, hot travels to Moscow, Weekend tours. The tour of St. Petersburg includes excursions in St. Petersburg, hot travels to St. Petersburg, and Weekend tours in St. Petersburg.
Depending on the quantity of people in a group we organize both individual and group tours. Group tours are intended for the workers of different companies, students and children.
We would like to offer you tours for 7 and 5 days and also the tours for a weekend.
Attention! Standard group tour is always cheaper than an individual tour made especially for you and according to your wishes.
We can create any tour in Russia taking into consideration all your desires.
Additionally we can offer to you the following services:

– Execution of the invitation
– Hotel Accommodation in Moscow and Saint Petersburg
– Excursions in Moscow and Saint Petersburg
– Transfers and let on lease of cars and order of buses and minibuses.
– Services of guide-interpreters and interpreters at some meeting and other events.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, the program of the tour in Russia is flexible and can be changed according to your wishes. We are ready to receive not only individual tourists but the groups of tourists and to make package tours. Please, inform us of your needs.


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